March 8, 2021

The Many Types of Video Content

Video Production
The Many Types of Video Content

There are many different types of video content that can be utilized in many different scenarios and situations. Here are a few examples.

Company Announcement

So, your company has an announcement for the world, huh? You need to make sure your messaging is clear and concise, and that your company spokesperson looks fantastic. Call us today and Vista Productions will help you shout it from the roof tops in style.

Company Overview

So, you want people to know what your company can do for them, huh? A “Company Overview” is perfect for letting the masses know what you specialize in. Call us today and Vista Productions can help you summarize with style.

Image Piece

So, you’ve got a story that will pull at people’s heart-strings, huh? An “Image Piece” is a bite-sized documentary that shows your company making its community a better place. Call us today and your audience will be reaching for the tissues in no time.

Training Video

So, you need people in your company to get trained up, huh? Training videos don’t have to be boring and monotonous. Call us to day and Vista Productions will have your employees sticking to the rules with a smile on their faces.

Product Launch

So, you’re launching a new product, huh? If you’re gonna bring it, you better come correct with a Product Video that tells the whole Omni Channel why it rocks. Call us today and Vista Productions can help you own those online sales.


So, you want to explain a new process but are super tired of “white board videos”? Us too. Call Vista Productions today and we’ll help you build a graphic-intense explainer video that will make your audience sit up and go “whaaaaaaaaaaaa……”.

Event Sizzle

So, you’ve got an epic event coming up, huh? Don’t miss the opportunity to recap it with a “Sizzle Reel”. Call us today and Vista Productions will get you a shareable hunk of event recap beauty that will get people’s butts in those seats next year.

Hands n’ Pans

So, you need a cooking video, huh? In the biz, we call these “hands n pans”, and they are a great way to show off cooking with a new product, or how to put together recipes. Call us today and get cookin’ with Vista Productions.


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